Haim Bodek

Haim Bodek is a Managing Principal of Decimus Capital Markets, LLC, a tactical consulting and strategic advisory firm focused on high frequency trading and market structure in equities, derivatives, FX, and cryptoassets. Decimus Capital Markets, LLC provides a wide range of regulatory consulting and expert services, including those relating to expert testimony in litigation and interaction with regulatory agencies. Mr. Bodek was formerly a founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trading Machines LLC, an independent high frequency options trading firm. Prior to his tenure at Trading Machines, Mr. Bodek was a Managing Director and Joint Global Head of Electronic Volatility Trading at UBS and a Vice President at The Hull Group/Goldman Sachs. He is an electronic trading executive and algorithmic trading strategist with 20 years of experience in the automated trading space.

Mr. Bodek is widely recognized as a leading expert in U.S. equities market structure, specializing in the regulation of high frequency trading and trading venues, as well as a wide range of trading practices. As reported by the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere, Mr. Bodek has actively assisted the SEC in several highly-technical investigations that resulted in substantial monetary fines, including record-setting fines imposed on the New York Stock Exchange and Direct Edge, and significant changes in practices of certain trading venues, including admissions of inaccurate disclosure. Moreover, Mr. Bodek is a well-known expert in litigation, who has provided expert reports, testimonial services, and confidential consulting services in numerous engagements, which included Klein v. TD Ameritrade and United States v. Taub.

Mr. Bodek is the author of two books on market structure regulation, The Problem of HFT: Collected Writings on High Frequency Trading & Stock Market Structure Reform released in January 2013, and The Market Structure Crisis: Electronic Stock Trading, High Frequency Trading, and Dark Pools released in November 2015.