Market Structure Matters.™

Decimus Capital Markets, LLC is currently focused on developing an innovative business that aims to anticipate and benefit from market structure shifts in the US equities space.

Long-Term Investors Have Lost Confidence in the National Market System. Market Structure Matters.™

US equities market structure has evolved to tilt the balance in the favor of discretionary high frequency trading (HFT) liquidity providers, creating new challenges for effective liquidity sourcing by financial institutions. In the electronic marketplace, algorithmic trading strategies must be designed to effectively interact with HFT participants, regardless of the expected time horizon for holding positions. Without advanced tools for liquidity pooling, sourcing and provisioning, financial institutions subject themselves to a persistent adverse selection bias, resulting in unreasonable near-term slippages, the inability to execute against perceived opportunities and escalating transaction costs.

It's Time to Level the Playing Field. Decimus is Forging the Tools for the Job.

Decimus Capital Markets, LLC will provide the first comprehensive product that offers an alternative liquidity pooling, sourcing and provisioning solution insulated from the adverse impact of predatory HFT upon the institutional trader.

Its flagship product is DECIMATORâ„¢, a specialized algorithmic product designed to efficiently extract liquidity from an electronic market saturated by HFT market makers.

Advanced products for liquidity sourcing, pooling, provisioning are currently under development.

For More Information:

Decimus Capital Markets, LLC is an early-stage company in the research and development phase. Inquiries from qualified financial institutions should be directed to Haim Bodek using our contact form.